It’s been a couple of weeks and as the cake orders are flooding in at the moment, and we have lots of exciting changes and events happening in the tearoom, I will be reducing my posts to once a fortnight. We have Valentine’s and Mother’s Day events coming up which aren’t to be missed! As well as a new diverse menu which now includes some delish breakfast options and healthy children’s options. But most importantly we are here to discuss cake…… my most recent creations have been an elegant personalised photograph wedding cake and a miniature spring, floral 70th. With Valentine’s Day fast approaching weRead More →

This week our focus is on a fishing themed cake for a 60th Birthday. All the elements are hand made from Renshaw’s Flower and Modelling Paste; we used florists wire and a piece of raw spaghetti for his fishing rod. We use Renshaw’s Flower & Modelling paste for the majority of the models and cake toppers we make, other sugar pastes such as Mexican paste or Pastillage can also be used for making models and cake toppers, these pastes set extremely hard which enables the recipient to be able to retain the figure or topper for some time – years if kept in an airtightRead More →

Rainbow cakes are all the rage at the moment from layer cakes to tie dye cupcakes. With this week’s cakey master piece being an artist’s paint pallet there seemed no better excuse than to get colourful. Using the tie dye technique we created a swirling vortex of colourful sponge. We’ve splashed out on Wilton’s Colour Right kit which aims to take the guess work out of colouring, expensive at £19.97 it does make matching colours much easier but with some colours taking up to 35 drops they don’t last too long. Even so we couldn’t resist playing with these wonderful colours so we createdRead More →

Who doesn’t love cake!? We have now been open just over 6 months and the response and support has been fantastic, we seriously cannot thank you enough. Now things are settled and we are into a routine, it seems like a good time to start my cake blog, where I will update you all on our recent creations, what new and exciting tools and techniques we are using, as well as maybe even sharing a few recipes… but we’ll have to see about that last one. The first cake of the year was BB8 from Star Wars, it was ordered by an old work colleagueRead More →